Or Jackson rubbing a child thigh after they fell over and were

Or Jackson rubbing a child thigh after they fell over and were

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Three months after that I was involuntarily admitted to the hospital on a 72 hour psych hold due to psychosis. My job was extremely demanding, we justed learned that both of my youngest daughters were autistic and hadn been getting much sleep. I tried my damnest to fix myself on my own and stay at the house after much discussion with my ex.

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It was fucking horrible. In about half a second I went from rock hard to completely flaccid. She kept pulling on me to penetrate her but I wasnt able to. Any remnant of that family living after mass extinction is a carry over to a new line of life, whether that cockroaches, humans, ants, just plants or whatever.I think it worth putting effort into the world to retain what we as humans love and cherish about it because there are those of us that like and enjoy the lifeforms we currently have living here, but it not the end of everything.Life happened. It can happen again.Even not, what would Earth be without life?. Well it would be Earth, without life.