Couldn wait to get home so I could open it up and play with

Couldn wait to get home so I could open it up and play with

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And I can say, from personal experience, that $100K of student debt from getting the MBA isn’t giving me any anxiety whatsoever. The opportunity to be able to borrow money to go to a great school and maximize my current and future earning potential is worth quite a bit. Certainly worth more than the economic costs you mentioned of borrowing a measly $100K.

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Giulia lives with me now. I spend most of my time with her. And it wonderful. Of course I brought the receipt back in with me but I straight up walked back into Target, put two chairs in my cart, and walked right back out completely unchallenged. I realized then that I am now a middle aged white woman and privileged as shit. Still plotting what to do with that..

Thank you to gust0w and shakethosehands626 for the quick responses. I kept looking after I posted this and pretty quickly found an explanation that made a lot more sense. I getting the impression that sports betting isn something that one can do casually (without doing a lot of research) unless one doesn mind losing.