Last week they were told it would be the middle of this week

Last week they were told it would be the middle of this week

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I think she’s under qualified and avoids contact with any political opponent for a good reason. (Note: I’m not right winged, I’m an Independent Centrist for the most part, I just hate Cortez with a passion. I have no problem with her being a woman, I have a problem with her being an under qualified sociopath).

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Sad thing is, this piece of shit will be in protective custody, with other pieces of shit just like him, for his whole bid. High fiving each other about how fucked up they are. Then he get out, and still be a piece of shit. Also, the main argument for the separate identities is to allow for people to help us minorities, which is extremely illogical. If there truly were to be a separate category then it would be treated exactly the same as an Asian category, not in our favor rather against. Either way, I personally don see too much of a need for this difference.