In addition, why would an enemy target a downed guy if other

In addition, why would an enemy target a downed guy if other

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canada goose coats Isn sick much. Outgrew the allergies. I agree with a couple other commenters: 1) Go to a classroom and try to figure out the kids that were formula fed spoiler: you can and 2) FED is best.. In addition, why would an enemy target a downed guy if other active threats are nearby? Or, indeed, if you do attack an unconscious foe why isnt their throat cut and auto dead (no more saves) they completely helpless, after all. And then there the GM discretion issue if you attack that downed guy, but not another, well then PC death is GM fiat, which is very, very undesirable for something as important as PC death.It just a poor mechanic any way you slice it. Any prior edition death/healing rules are preferable.CelanaGaladel 21 points submitted 11 days agoEnlightening. canada goose coats

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